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"Working with Kim Schofer is a pleasure. She communicates well with all parties involved in the closing process and collects the information needed at closing so the closing process goes smoothly. I would recommend her! "

Jill Starling Britt~ Attorney At Law

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"Lori & Kim, I must say you two have now created the DREAM team. This closing went so smoothly and I truly think Lori's a huge asset to REPS. I thought she was very professional and efficient along the way. I honestly have NO complaints. I can't even think of one piece of advice to make it any better. I appreciate your help and patience with this transaction."

Kriston Gallop Ashley~ Real Estate Broker/REALTOR®

"I am a control freak, by nature and never thought I would allow myself an assistant.  Working for 23 years in this business and with the market moving like wildfire, I decided in order to have a life, I needed help.  I had worked with Lori on co-broke transactions and really liked her pleasant attitude and the efficiency, in which she worked.  I reached out to REPS and Lori to see if they were willing to take me on.  I have never turned back." 

"​Lori has been instrumental in growing my business to the next level.  She has provided stellar customer service to all my clients regardless of the nature of the transaction or the level of difficulty of the situation.  Her tenacity is unparalleled when it comes to getting the job done in order to keep the transaction on track. Her "can do" attitude and her ability to handle complex issues keeps the focus on the client which, in the end, results in a positive client experience.  It is a pleasure to partner with Lori in all of my real estate closings."

David Carter~ Real Estate Broker/REALTOR®

"​Having been in the business 23 years and always flying solo, I was reluctant to give up any control of the transaction process.  I was having a busy year and I found my work quality, my home time and my over all enjoyment of life suffering.  I had worked with REPS only when I was the cross-selling agent.  I loved how organized they were and how much more smoothly the transaction was, when they were involved.  I decided to give them a whirl and let go some of the control.  Needless to say, that was at least 3 years ago and I have never turned back.  I am more than happy to pay for their help on every transaction.  The amount they charge is pennies for the peace of mind I have now.  I hope I never have to do this job without them.​"

Missy Flora~ Real Estate Broker/REALTOR®

"I received a call from Kim. I thought, "Wow, a closing specialist, what do we need her for?" We had handled most of our own closing paperwork in the past. As she went back and forth getting everything straight I grew more thankful of Kim. She earned her closing cost fee four fold on this deal."

David and Casey Morton~ Buyers/Sellers

"Making use of Kim's service allows me to do a much greater volume of business without having to hire assistants or work an overwhelming number of hours each week."

Hilary Hill~ Real Estate Broker/REALTOR®

"​As a loan officer, it is extremely important to have a detailed oriented closing coordinator working with the buyer’s agent providing updates and changes during the contract period.  Becky is absolutely wonderful and communication, making sure we have all pertinent information early, helping to provide the client with the smoothest possible closing process.  A successful closing only happens when everyone works together as a team, and Becky is truly a team player.  She looks out for the client’s best interest and represents her Realtors in the most professional manner.  My team and I love when Becky is part of the transaction!"

Dana Meadows~ Senior Loan Officer

"Becky is an amazing closing coordinator! She is detail-oriented and keeps the transaction on track and moving forward. Her vast knowledge of the real estate market is a great asset for me and my clients. I highly recommend using Becky to make your life more balanced and your real estate business more successful!!

Stephanie Richart~ Real Estate Broker

​​Buying a home can be a daunting task.  There is so much paperwork.  Forms have to be completed and there are many personal documents that you have to find for your loan.  I doubt few people have all this readily available.  This can make one of the biggest purchases of your life become so frustrating.  Having purchased a home before, I know just how stressful the whole process is and I wasn't looking forward to it this last time.  But, I was referred to Becky Garrison with REPS and she made this home buying experience so simple and satisfying.  She provided us with a list of all the documents that would be needed, a schedule of deadlines to keep everything on track and made sure we knew her availability to answer any/all questions.  I can tell you I wouldn't want to go through this process with anyone else after working with Becky.  She is very knowledgeable of her business and stays in touch/keeps you informed of every step.  Most importantly, shes very personable which made this home buying experience so much better.  Even though I worked with her for just a few weeks, I feel like I have known her for years.   It really took the stress out of buying a home.

Kevin Nelson ~ Buyer

Amy was awesome! Her communication and willingness to work together made this transaction a dream! I would love to work with her again!
Amy Cromer~ Real Estate Broker

"Hey Amber,
Seriously, every REPS cc that we have worked with knows their stuff! You all sincerely make our job that much easier and the transaction that much more enjoyable! The communication and teamwork make all the difference no matter which side of the closing it is on. We have had the opportunity to work with yourself, Kim, Amy, Becky, and Lori on many files the ball is never dropped, and the work is both thorough and friendly."

​J. Cirimele ~ Paralegal