Everything a licensee does in the course of all real estate transactions, from soliciting clients to presenting offers and coordinating inspections, leads to one final event, closing.

According to a survey conducted by Clareity, the average agent spends 19 hours managing the administrative tasks in each closing transaction. By dedicating a real estate closing coordinator solely to the post-contract and closing process, it releases the real estate broker from  administrative responsibilities, allowing agents to do what they do best, create relationships and drive new business.

Why do agents choose us?

  • We help real estate professionals discover how they can save time and money.
  • We help your buyers and sellers experience a very smooth closing transaction.
  • ​We maintain continuous communication between all transaction parties.
  • We are knowledgeable in all areas of the closing process including the lending process which is critical to a transaction closing.
  • We help you increase your client base by allowing you time to follow leads.
  • ​We are experienced short sale and REO processors.

Our Services

REPS will monitor the closing process by tracking and ensuring that all contingencies are completed, schedule all inspections, assist the parties in having repairs completed, and keeping all parties updated as the closing progresses. Below is a list of the details of our Closing Services:

  • Regular updates to you and all other parties of the transaction through personal contact.
  • Forwarding all necessary documents (contracts, payoff information, invoices, etc.) to the lender, attorney, you and your client.
  • Scheduling and following up on inspections, loan commitment, and appraisals to ensure the dates stated in the contract are met.
  • Following up with repairs to be completed and assisting clients with vendors for repairs when necessary.
  • Reminding clients to make utility changes and to schedule the walk through prior to closing.
  • Reviewing the Closing Disclosure as made available with the buyers and sellers.

At REPS, our goal is to ensure that your closings are conducted in a professional and smooth manner

Our Fees

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